Moncler Blackout by Dan Holdsworth

Blackout is a series of 21 large colour prints which British photographer Dan Holdsworth taken in 2010 and include shots of mountainous terrain in Iceland, demonstrating the shrinking of the glaciers. A reduction in light forces us to look deeper to understand what is being observed. This is both the technique and the goal of the artist, who works with exposures over many hours to convey the otherworldly landscape to observers, taking them to a place where the gaze achieves its utmost essentiality.

For the forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2014 season, Moncler has chosen one of these images and reproduced it throughout a collection of jackets, trousers and a series of accessories including; shoes, bags and a clutch bag. The result is a mini collection for skiing, designed for men and women alike.

The project pays tribute to the majesty of nature, which has long been an element of inspiration and a source of challenge for Moncler. Thanks to Holdsworth’s images, it offers a profound cue for analysis, something resembling a giant X-ray which reveals the hidden skeleton of the mountain to the eye.