Moncler Grenoble Fall-Winter 2017/18

On February 14th Moncler has presented it’s Moncler Grenoble Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The theme for this collection has played out an enthralling game fusing the fantastical with the technological in a tale resembling an allegory – a story, a poem, a picture intrepreted to reveal a hidden meaning. Time itslef has stopped, in a poetic, condensed wintery freeze-frame, focusing on an intensely contemporary feel with symbols of days gone by.

The Moncler Grenoble Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection is split to perfection into three articulated and autonomous sections, all linked by the common thread of the distinctly sporting aestheics of the brand. The first has a decidedly specialist approach, and features an innovative take on fabric research: Moncler Grenoble High Performance produces product renowned for it’s functionality and highly technical fabric use, designed to meet even the most extreme needs under challanging weather conditions. Garments are efficently tested in the field by sporting talent with close working links with the Moncler brand.

Performance and Style, the focal area of the Grenoble collection, is traditionally dedicated to the functional design of snow sports. Finally, the Après Ski area that is increasingly geared towards the day to day wearability of city life.

The underlying concept and goal behind the Moncler Grenoble collection is to cover all aspects of living amidst the nature of a mountain resort during the Winter weather season. It is a creative approach to aesthetics which fuses its sources of inspiration with linearity, taking influence from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.