Dreams, freedom, passion. But also fear and boundaries to break. This is the essence of surfing, in the adrenalin-ridden world of Malia Ward. “As individuals, we set our own limits in life in what we do”, she explains, “but when we dream limits become an illusion. Surfing has taught me to push limits I made to stay safe, but staying safe never gave me the freedom that pushing my boundaries did. Surfing is my main dream and I am continuously pushing with what I can accomplish and experience”.

This time, “Moncler Passion for Sport” makes you dive headfirst into the magic and the excitement of surfing. Our guide is 17-year-old Malia Ward from San Clemente (California), who in this sport found that special place where her dreams and reality collide, making her “comfortable, determined and focused in the water like there is no place I could belong more to”. Malia simply couldn’t live without surfing: it’s, at the same time, what pushes her to break her boundaries and a boundary itself… something she explains saying: “When I am surfing I feel free but at the same time I am bound. Bound by my sport, my passion, my obsession”.

Watch the video and feel the excitement of extreme freedom as a form of art, with Moncler.