Parkour (pron.: pär-ko͞or′): any English dictionary will inform you that this urban training discipline is aimed to get from a point to another in the most efficient way possible, using only the human body and the surroundings for propulsion. But, as it often happens, words aren’t enough to describe this adrenaline fuelled discipline, which mixes military training, running, climbing and a touch of martial arts… all set to astonishing – and sometimes scary – urban scenarios.

The third episode of “Moncler Passion for Sport” is focused on the Parkour: 100% urban adventure: a new way to conceive our cities, ourselves and sports with a deeply philosophic aim: to touch the world and interact with it.

Abandoned places, fences, roofs, monuments, construction sites but also vehicles and street furniture: in Parkour they all become part of a course to be completed using your best (and most spectacular) skills. So there are no boundaries…except safety and the personal limits of each practitioner.

To dig deeper into the world of this fascinating discipline, Moncler met Luciano Acuna Jr: “It’s essentially a form of therapy”, he told us. “So much positivity comes from parkour: the positive vibes that come with practicing either alone or with long time friends/new friends. It can also bring a community together, that’s populated with others that want to help you and the group, as a whole, to progress forward in life and the movement”.

Are you ready to embrace the parkour mindset?