A steady, sudden, elating, flow of adrenalin. The wind whipping your face, whistling loud in you ears. And you’re flying, for seconds which last like hours, jumping high in the air. Around you, the blinding white of snow and the deep blue of the sky. Firmly attached to your feet, a pair of skis – your best friends, besides your self control and confidence.

Ski jumping is an extremely basic and stripped to the bone extreme sport: a ramp, a jump and a man equipped with two long pieces of wood. But these simple elements can build some of the most exciting emotions on Earth.

Perfect physical shape, discipline, extreme concentration, a bit of bold recklessness, will to break the limits and the perfect knowledge of where the boundaries are: these are the pillars of the world of Taylor Hoffman – the amazing ski jumper we had the pleasure to meet, to know the most enticing secrets of this sport.

“I feel as if I am flying! I have control of my flight and a sense of freedom when I am performing jumps!”, Taylor told us, describing ski jumping as one of the most freeing experiences a human being can have. “This freedom means everything to me. The adrenaline rush I still get when I jump keeps my blood pumping and releases any stress I need in order to ‘reset’ myself!”.

Our troupe was in Lake Placid, where Taylor lives. He agreed to “fly” for us and he decided to do it using special pair of skis, which belonged to a fellow Ski Jumping Champion, who was badly injured during a competition, as a heartfelt homage to a friend.

Taylor performed a breathtaking jump for us: we filmed and took pictures of every single moment, to testify the excitement and the discipline of such a challenging sport.

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