For the Fall/Winter 2016-17 season, Moncler has opened its archives and has formally redefined the iconic duvet to create a contemporary version of the brand’s incomparable garment. The result is a true crossroads, a surprising blend of heritage and youthful modern culture inspiring the transformation of the original duvet, which has managed to keep its vintage appeal while exuding the energy of youthful contemporary styles and attitudes.

The ambassadors for this new creative adventure are Mr. & Mrs. Moncler, a contemporary “virtual” couple who underline the double-sided concept behind the collection. The star of the collection is the nylon laque down jacket, an essential part of the Moncler tradition. The color palette boasts strong deep colors, like burgundy, shiny midnight blue, English green and black. The collection’s special tags depict Mr. & Mrs. Moncler and serve to set the garments in this special project apart from the other clothes on display in the boutiques.

Mr. & Mrs. Moncler made their debut at the end of August 2016 in the display windows of the brand’s flagship stores, which have been specifically designed to tell the story of their digital and media world.