Passion For Sport – Season 2
Episode 2 - SKI

The journey into the sporting universe of Moncler Grenoble High Performance continues with the second season of the “Moncler. Passion For Sport” project. This enthralling journey touches on various sporting disciplines by looking at the stories of their protagonists. Men and women of outstanding passion, of the utmost dedication and tenacity.

The athletes telling their stories only wear Moncler Grenoble High Performance garments that have been constructed with a technicality clearly inspired by the skiing world, suitable for skiing even on the harshest summits, where research always serves the purpose of function. The High Performance sphere is a particular aspect of Moncler Grenoble geared towards achieving the utmost technicality, where all-round performance is key.

Protagonists of this episode 2 dedicated to skiing are Lindsay Frensz and Nate Bevacqua which after having successfully practiced a number of sports, they decided to dedicate themselves entirely to skiing, becoming instructors and tutors, whilst at the same time embarking on an outstanding and highly independent educational adventure.

This second episode of Passion for Sport has been realized in conjunction with the launch of the zai & Moncler Grenoble, the new Limited Edition ski collection, whose skies are made of an excellent material patented by the brand, innovatively combining traditional artistic design with the most advanced production technologies. The skies are available online on online store.