The expert design and handcrafted detail of zai – a prestigious Swiss Confederation company, leader in the production of high quality, high performance skis – has merged with Moncler’s style in this innovative high-tech line in the creation of zai & Moncler Grenoble, the new Limited Edition ski collection.

Inspired by the classic models made by this Disentis-based company, a small Swiss municipality in the Graubünden Canton, the new zai & Moncler Grenoble line has been completely redesigned to create a unique collection. Invincible savoir-faire defines these beautiful pieces, all numbered and made entirely by hand by specially trained artisans. The skis are made of an excellent material patented by the brand, innovatively combining traditional artistic design with the most advanced production technologies. Moncler’s unmistakable creative and aesthetic vision has been merged with components – like the innovative blend of carbon, steel, aluminum, thermoplastic and rubber – that guarantee exceptionally high-endurance performance, torsion and stability, resulting in a collection of skis perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts.

The skis are sold together with a special zai & Moncler Grenoble kit, which includes a carrying ski bag bearing the brand logo, carbon ski poles with retro leather grips and a sponge and wax set for upkeep of the surface, and only available in certain Moncler boutiques, at top ski resorts and in the world’s capital cities.  Starting from December 2016, the capsule will be also available online on