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tales 11.1.21
Born To Protect

Moncler was Born to Protect.

With the production of sleeping bags and its very first jackets, what started as protective warmth for Alpine workers has over the years crystallized into a fundamental purpose for the company. Protection is our bedrock.

As Moncler moves forward, it has reinforced its purpose of protection extending it to the planet. Fabrics, zip and accessories in a new range of jackets made with ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon derived from ocean and land based waste, and producing 40% less CO₂ emissions than a traditional nylon jacket.

These jackets are part of Moncler Born to Protect, our sustainability plan and promise to the future that build on our founding purpose of protection following five main drivers:

Act on Climate Change

Reducing Missions. Embracing Clean Energy.

  • 100% Carbon neutral at our sites worldwide by 2021
  • 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2023

Think Circular

Designing to Last. Using Low-Impact Materials. Cutting Down on Waste.

  • DIST certified down recycled starting from January 2021
  • 80% of nylon fabric scraps recycled by 2023
  • 50% sustainable nylon used by 2025
  • Zero single-use conventional plastics by 2023

Be Fair

Sourcing Fair. Ensuring Trust. Tracing Transparently.

  • 100% of key raw materials traced by 2023
  • 80% of strategic suppliers to reach Moncler’s highest levels of social compliance by 2025

Nurture Genius

Welcoming Everyone. Celebrating Diversity Everywhere. Expressing Ourselves Always.

  • 100% of employees engaged in a three-year cultural awareness plan by 2022
  • Moncler Diversity & Inclusion Council to boost cultural change established by January 2021

Give Back

Supporting Local Communities. Donating Time and Value. Sharing Warmth.

  • 100’000 people in need protected from the cold by 2023
  • 1 high social value project every two years
  • 100% of employees volunteering by 2022

Discover the full Sustainability Plan at the following link:


With this pledge we commit to building a better future and protecting today and tomorrow for all.