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tales 28.10.20

Moncler has been protecting from the elements since 1952. The first down jackets were created to protect workers from the cold in a small Alpine factory in Monestier-de-Saint-Clermont, and that fundamental purpose has remained intact ever since. It’s just got a lot better-looking. Liquid shine nylon laqué, avant-garde cocoon silhouettes and neat boudin quilting have shaped and reformed the original duvet jacket, creating the iconic Moncler tropes of today. The Moncler Icons collection is a tribute to six decades of defining and redefining protection.


Moncler’s classic codes were set down in the mid-century, when recreational skiing and mountain exploration was beginning to boom. The Karakorum jacket was created in 1954 by Moncler to protect Italian explorers on the first expedition to reach the peak of K2. Its double down insulation and adjustable toggles formed a prototype that still informs the styles of today, such as the Lamentin jacket. In 1968, Moncler sponsored and dressed the entire French downhill ski team for the Grenoble winter Olympics, giving rise to the formation of high-performance skiwear still loved by professionals today.

Innovative fabrics and new technologies have been added, but the fundamental purpose of protection remains intact. Moncler’s position as guardian of the mountains was embedded; it wasn’t until the 1980s that its bridge into the city was truly inaugurated.

Parisian designer Chantal Thomass envisioned the down jacket as a thing of hype and panache, adding nylon laqué and exaggerated trims, inflated proportions and satin details which created ripples on the streets of Europe in the 1980s. The exuberant colors and extrovert styling cemented Moncler’s role in streetwear culture, creating the bona fide icons of today.

And though the colours and proportions may change slightly from season to season, their impact is just the lacquer shine on a foundation of unwavering purpose. Protection.