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Tales 5.10.21

By now we can say it's official: linking together fashion, art, design and music is something for any brand that wants to leave its mark and offer a full experience that goes beyond the classic fashion show. And this is the philosophy that Moncler followed last Saturday, September 25 in Milan with its MONDOGENIUS series of visual, cinematic and multidisciplinary experiences.


I went out in the early afternoon to reach my first destination, the Central Station, with its immense architecture halfway between Art Nouveau and Art Deco in marble and concrete. Sergio Zambon, creative director of 2 Moncler 1952 Man collection had curated an exhibition of three contemporary designers: Erwin Wurm and his Fat Mini; Prem Sahib and his Puffer Desks; and finally Andrea Anastasio with his vases and chairs created using materials that were fused together with those of Moncler's down jackets. The exhibition was supported by Artsy and its proceeds will go to the non-profit organization FREE THE WORK in support of indigenous, black, BI-POC and transgender people working in the film industry. 


After finishing the central exhibit, I moved on to Spazio Maiocchi, one of the city's hotspots for fashion and design. Right there was The Dune, an installation that included a mountain of red earth inspired by the torrid desert vistas of Santa Fe. Entering the installation, one found helmets, Texan boots, blankets, magazines – all a paraphernalia of authentic vintage pieces found and chosen in collaboration with Mask, a Santa Fe vintage shop, while, on the wall, there was a mix of Moncler garments hung together with vintage and collectible pieces. The idea for the format came from Palm Angels designer Francesco Ragazzi, as a tribute to American fashion and history, of which he is a lover and great enthusiast. I found the whole thing so enjoyable that I bought two garments, respectively from the '60s and '70s, to add to my personal collection.


To end the day, the main event took us to Castello Sforzesco and its giant Piazza d'Armi. Here, the Moncler team had set up a large stage from which, that evening, Alicia Keys presented a mix of videos that summed up the entire MONDOGENIUS live streaming the event around the world. The stands were as crowded and trepidatious as before a basketball game, but the lights were soft and elegant as if suggesting an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Throughout the various videos, all the inspirations behind the collections designed by the various designers were thoroughly explained – all unequivocally belonging to the Moncler language but each personal in its own way. At the end of the event, a long and roaring applause closed the day, with the entire MONDOGENIUS community gathered in one place – and we're all waiting to see how and in which direction this new universe will expand.