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Latest 18.12.20
New store opening on Paris Champs-Élysées

Moncler has opened the doors to its largest retail space on the most famous avenue in the world. Moncler Champs-Élysées has been designed by Paris architects Gilles & Boissier as a paean to the city, the mountain, and the soul of invention.

Imagined as an immersive refuge from the bustling crowds of the avenue, Moncler Champs-Élysées unfolds as a series of rooms each with its own distinct purpose and haptics. The Moncler Genius collections are illuminated by a dynamic LED ceiling in a drum-like steel atrium, whilst the space for Moncler Grenoble women’s collections has a warm, après-ski feel with oak-panelled walls and cosy seating.

The store is equipped with the latest omnichannel retail services, including a full suite of online-offline sales fulfilment features and virtual appointments from the comfort of the client’s own home. In-store mobile tools and distant payment services mean sales can be seamlessly accomplished from anywhere in the world, transcending the physical boundaries of the store and opening it up to the world at large.