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Tales 25.5.22



For a bright new season of warmth, Moncler Voices celebrates three unique visions of summer. Inspired by themes of love, hope, and joy, photographers Gray Sorrenti, Gabriel Moses, and Min Hyunwoo, share intimate summer stories. Each deeply personal image speaks volumes, but together, the diverse threads create a rich visual tapestry, illuminating a diverse and energized Moncler summer. With complete freedom to explore, each photographer shares a crossover between their own communities and signature Moncler clothing codes, from lightweight down jackets and vests, to hats and Moncler Lunettes from the latest collection - selecting authentic style choices for their friends or circle of collaborators, fit for warm days or long nights in their world.

Min discovers joy in nature, transporting us to the South Korean coast with images of crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. Whether an idyllic place of nostalgia or a specific childhood experience crystallized in memory, Min embraces a deeply personal perspective in his creative exploration.


What does summer mean to you?

Spring just passes by and the next thing I know, summer is here. That's when I realize half of the year has passed by. The stuffiness of midsummer's humidity makes me move to look for significance and freedom. As I look back, it seems that a lot of good work was done during the summer. I don't know what this means but for me, it was about holding on to the moment and time. To remember it more easily. I can't hold onto moving time but making good memories and living at the moment and enjoying it makes me feel joy and happiness. I looked it up a long time ago because I was curious, in Korean, summer means "fruit".

Your work portrays backpacks in the foreground, friends, and an endless beach in the background. Reminiscent of a free-spirited summer, but also suggesting a perspective on the theme of travel. Is that right?

Yes, it was the theme of travel. I took off to capture "joy". To be honest, scheduling dates and planning for a specific theme felt unnatural at first. Three years ago, when I was in a period of debating, I just took off with no plans and took random photos as I went. I just like to be sincere at the moment. So, I just decided to think I'm taking 1 extra friend, "Moncler". I teamed up with good friends of mine and booked our accommodation, planned our meals and what to do together and spent two days together as if we were on a trip. Visual perfection is important, but I wanted everything to be more natural so I didn't take any hair or makeup artists for this trip. I just wanted this time to be just the way it is. Literally, "free-spirited".

What gives you the most joy in your daily life?

Although I spend a lot of personal time nowadays, I used to feel joy while I was hanging out with other people. I'm not too different now. It's just that I found more than that. Other than just laughing at funny items, or calling each other about good ideas, meeting each other more often gives me comfort and joy. Having people to walk my life with and enjoying what we like together. I used to try to find meanings and significance from the past but now, even during my small daily life, I'm happy that I learned to look forward. Just like a tree growing without limits.