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Latest 30.11.23

Moncler + Rick Owens: Where Fashion Meets Futuristic Living

Moncler and Rick Owens have seamlessly fused fashion and innovation in their latest collaboration, offering a bold and modern take on clothing that resonates with contemporary lifestyles. Rick Owens, known for his avant-garde designs, praises Moncler for its meticulous approach to creating apparel that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

Flight jackets, puffers, extra-long coats, skirts, shorts… all the unique garments of this collection.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is a cutting-edge steel soundproof Sleep Pod designed by Rick Owens. This futuristic cocoon features regenerative oxygen concentration and a temperature-controlled ventilation system, providing an ideal sanctuary for two individuals seeking tranquil isolation. The clothing collection mirrors this avant-garde spirit, showcasing solemn, elongated silhouettes with radiance quilting in a restrained color palette of black, dirt, and degrade neutrals. From flight jackets to puffers, long duvets to extra-long coats, and skirts to shorts, each piece reflects a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Notably, the garments boast unique features such as buttons on shoulders and extra holes on knitted or brushed cotton tops for customizable adjustments. Denim takes on new forms, transformed into long tunics, gowns, and skirts.

To complete the immersive experience, the collection includes loop scarves, shaggy boots, and a radiance quilt blanket. Whether enjoyed outdoors or inside the high-tech Sleep Pod, fully equipped with internal sound, lighting, and video systems, refrigerated storage, and device charging apparatus, Moncler and Rick Owens have curated an avant-garde aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of both fashion and lifestyle.