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Tales 26.4.23

Moncler Summer: We Talk Shapes, Shades and Texture with Stylist Imruh Asha

Imruh Asha, revered stylist and fashion director of Dazed, is one of the creative minds behind the new Moncler Collection Summer 2023 campaign. The Dutch-Caribbean creative, alongside photographer Thierry Le Gouès, explores the shapes of the collection from a unique angle, playing with black and white to highlight the garments in an abstract way. We spoke to Asha to find out more about the creative process behind his latest work with Moncler.

What was the concept behind this campaign?

I wanted to approach the collection in a very abstract way, focusing on the shapes and textures of the looks.


Why is black and white so prevalent in the campaign?

The moment I figured out that Thierry Le Gouès was shooting the campaign I immediately thought of his iconic remarkable work. He shoots mainly black and white so it would make sense to keep working into Thierry’s world with the color selection of the clothing.

When you approach a campaign like this, knowing that it will be exhibited in some of the biggest cities in the world, how do you set it up?

I have a great team where we do very in-depth visual research sessions. The Moncler project started with research and understanding of the brand, but also I was focused on how to modernize the image and create impact with solid visuals.


What is your personal relationship with Moncler? Do you have any special memories related to the brand?


I love the brand and all the special Moncler Genius collaborations. My dream is to do my own genius collab!


Is there a Moncler garment that you are particularly attached to?

I love the headwear.