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By signing this Order Form, the Client takes full responsibility on the proposed personalization, understanding and declaring that the chosen letters, letter combinations, numbers, characters, wording, phrase or symbols as well as any combination of the above mentioned elements shall be compliant with decency, moral public, respectability; they do not consist in profanity, inappropriate slang; do not bear insulting or discriminatory content, content construed to incite violence or related to alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Moncler will also not endorse any message or statement bearing a political orientation or religious connotation (“NOT ALLOWED CONTENT”).

The Client understands and accepts that Moncler reserves the right to evaluate and reject, also through an automatic system, the proposed personalization if it is considered against the NOT ALLOWED CONTENT, in violation of third parties’ intellectual property rights or Moncler’s reputation.

The Client acknowledges that the personalized product may differ from Client's expectations, for which Moncler denies any liability.

The Client, by declaring that the proposed personalization does neither violate third parties’ intellectual property rights nor Moncler’s reputation and is not a NOT ALLOWED CONTENT, undertakes to hold Moncler harmless from any claims arising from third parties, including public authorities, deriving from the exploitation of the personalized Moncler products that is contrary to the above.