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For the fourth chapter of Moncler Curators, we join professional athlete, model and campaigner Ramla Ali as she navigates a busy day in the seaside city of Brighton.

Breaking records and shattering stereotypes, Ramla was the first boxer to represent Somalia at the Olympics. She uses her public profile to pursue her passion for philanthropy, making extraordinary contributions to improving the lives of female ethnic and religious minorities and sufferer’s of domestic violence.

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, before arriving in the UK as a refugee aged twelve, Ramla’s journey to becoming a professional boxer was extremely challenging. The discipline and passion for sport transformed every aspect of her life as she pursued her career.

“I persevered through stubbornness, really. Having invested so much time, energy and resources into my sport, I needed to see a return on what I put in and refused to quit until I achieved what I set out to do.”



Ramla’s dedication to boxing dictates her schedule. To prepare for fight season, she works out for up to five hours a day, following a rigorous regime of mixed-discipline strength, agility and conditioning training, punctuated by ice baths and sports therapy. 

Off-season, she has more time for her other pursuits, which include her non-profit work, an upcoming film chronicling her inspiring story and getting outdoors. She picks a technical nylon, all-black look from the new Moncler Collection for a morning spent on the beach.



Ramla embraces the fresh ocean air in Brighton - a welcome contrast to her previous hometown of London’s frenetic energy. A fresh denim skirted look with a sportive co-ord aesthetic takes her through a full day navigating her busy schedule.

"What stood out to me is the design aspect of the different pieces in the collection. I think when people think of Moncler, quilted puffer jackets are what come to mind, but what I’ve loved about this collection is the sneaker design, the more casual summer looks.”



Ramla takes in the sunset view from the top of the world in the Edipo hooded shell jacket.

"Although I’m from London, I love the pace of Brighton. It just feels like it’s less in a rush. I love the clean air, space and sunsets down here as well."

Looks Curated by Ramla Ali

Look 1

A sleek, total-black look for on the go.

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Look 2

Denim for Brighton's winding streets.

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