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Latest 19.10.21
We Love Winter

Moncler is a brand born in winter, shaped by winter – and which naturally loves winter. Since 1952, taking its first steps among the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps, to its present global status, the brand has developed its most iconic designs to invite the world to embrace the beauty of winter. In honor of the season, Moncler's new global campaign is shot by photographer and director Chris Colls, celebrates the strength of togetherness as we reunite with the people we love, while channeling the spirit of creativity and collaboration that has always been part of Moncler's DNA.

For this reason, the entire campaign is composed of portraits involving some of the most interesting names in the contemporary creative world, from actress Robin Wright and her daughter Dylan Penn, French singer Lala &ace with her mother Noëlle, and Japanese creative director and race car aficionado Mai Ikuzawa and her sons Arto and Milo, to dancer Mamadou Bathily and models Mao Xiaoxing and Mika Schneider. All are united in a series of cinematic vignettes that capture the genuine intimacy of human connection. Combining the romance of soft black and white with a wash of vivid red, this campaign strips things back to the Moncler essentials. 

“I was thrilled by the idea of closeness and intimacy,’ explained Colls. “We wanted everyone to show their individuality, especially since some of them had never done professional shoots together before. It was a wonderful opportunity.”

Moncler's ‘We Love Winter’ campaign features iconic Moncler garments in their classic colors and constructions., including the coats and jackets with the brand's famous Boudin quilt, long, short and sleeveless. 

The new campaign for the 'We Love Winter' Moncler Collection was presented in outdoor displays, across the pages of international magazines and in all major social media.

We would like to invite you to be part of #WeLoveWinter. Join Moncler as we emerge into the freshness of the winter season by sharing your images of warmth and connection in your own personal creative language. Simply follow the instructions below and forward to your loved ones. 

1. Think of someone you love. It could be a friend, a pet – even yourself.

2. Post a photo with them that evokes a feeling of warmth and human connection. Even if you’re not physically together, you can still share the love: it could be a screen grab or a shared memory. This is your own expression of wintry love.

3. Tag #WeLoveWinter

4. Share the warmth by sending it on to 10 of your dearest connections.