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Latest 4.2.24

Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Unveiled in St. Moritz  

A gathering of humans in the forest, immersed in wild and wonderful nature, breathing in unison with the elements, in a fairy tale atmosphere: Moncler’s community came together on the slopes for a never-before-felt experience in the woods, where Moncler Grenoble fully expressed its identity and ethos. The Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2024 collection was unveiled in St. Moritz, showcasing the infinite variety of its nature in its natural environment. 

Harnessing enduring research and fearless experimentation, fueled by a passion for performance and the great outdoors, Moncler Grenoble merges technical prowess with high style in an expansive offer that covers all aspects of mountain life, all year round. The new collection is a gathering and mingling of different worlds, overcoming technical challenges and fostering an idea of winter style that is confident in its elegance and sophistication. The story is tied together by people and the environment, performance and style. 

Colors used give immediate visibility to the will of being quiet yet remarkable, where nature reigns: pale tones of snow; warm hues of vegetation; the black of night; identitarian mixes of red, white and blue. Items reveal more of their value up close: intricate intarsia recalls traditional quilts on tech jackets and sheepskin accents; quilting creates the effect of Aran-knit stitching; duvets are fully fashioned in knit; strands of virgin wool and alpaca present shaggy volume. Nothing is ever as it seems, unexpected materials and functions combine: worlds collide and mutate, as shirts turn into ski jackets, embroideries and crochets land on technical pieces, and flannel is laminated to be apt for the slopes. 

Some items in the show feature woven wool fabric with a long hair look, short or long hair shearling, or synthetic trims.