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Latest 14.9.23

Moncler presents the next chapter of RE/ICONS with new Karakorum designs

Moncler’s commitment to warmth and protection traces back to the winter of 1952 in the mountains of Monestier-de-Clermont. What began as a desire to equip alpine workers evolved into a seven-decade-long journey of innovation and perfection. This pursuit of excellence remains embedded in Moncler's DNA, with each design reflecting the brand's passion kindled in the mountains — an ever-present reminder to reach higher. Over 70 years, Moncler's iconic creations have emerged, capturing the essence of timelessness. 

RE/ICONS harmonizes heritage and future, honoring the brand’s remarkable journey while adapting to the modern age. It's an annual celebration where archival icons are reimagined, bridging the gap between past and present. In 2022, the beloved Moncler Maya jacket took center stage during the 70th anniversary, while 2023 presents the revival of the 1954 Karakorum 'duvet' jacket. 

Defining an icon encompasses grandeur, success, and magnitude. Yet, redefining an icon presents an intriguing challenge — how to retain its core while breathing new life into it. The answer lies in the Moncler RE/ICONS Karakorum. This second chapter of the RE/ICONS concept pays homage to the classic style with new designs capturing its evolution. The original Moncler Karakorum, worn by Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli during their historic K2 climb, embodies both warmth and technical prowess. The new Moncler RE/ICONS Karakorum designs draw inspiration from the past while simultaneously looking to the future. To re-icon an icon means celebrating its legacy while embracing innovation. It's a journey that parallels Moncler's perpetual pursuit of new summits, capturing the spirit of reaching higher heights, just like the legendary peaks that sparked the brand’s creation.