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Latest 22.3.23

The Moncler Grenoble Spring/Summer 2023 Collection For All Weather

A wardrobe that can adapt to any type of climate and activity: that is the aim of Moncler Grenoble's Spring/Summer 2023 collection. A whole range of versatile garments designed to withstand wind, rain, and a full range of body movement. Based on the idea of symbiotic clothing, the collection aims to unite with the body and become an integral part of it. 


As always, the pursuit of innovation is at the heart of the collection, evident in features such as the GORE-TEX inserts that protect your phone even in the wettest situations, and the use of POLARTEC® HIGH LOFT™ stretch fleece for reversible waistcoats and cardigans, making them comfortable yet practical for all activities. The SENSITIVE® fabrics make the windbreaker jackets breathable and quick-drying, so you do not have to wait too long before heading out on a new adventure.

The layers and modularity allow the pieces in the collection to play off each other, giving everyone the opportunity to create a style that best represents them in any situation, from the calmest to the more eventful. The same idea is also reflected in the choice of colors: a neutral palette with accents of pink for womenswear and acid orange/cobalt blue for menswear. This allows the wearer to combine styles and colors with garments that coordinate with each other, making Moncler Grenoble SS23 a timeless collection created for outdoor adventures. Whether it's biking, snowboarding, or just taking a stroll through the city, Moncler Grenoble adapts to your passions.