Order by February 6th to get your gifts in time for Valentine's Day

Order by February 6 to get your gifts in time for Valentine's Day

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Tales 25.5.22



For a bright new season of warmth, Moncler Voices celebrates three unique visions of summer. Inspired by themes of love, hope, and joy, photographers Gray Sorrenti, Gabriel Moses, and Min Hyunwoo, share intimate summer stories. Each deeply personal image speaks volumes, but together, the diverse threads create a rich visual tapestry, illuminating a diverse and energized Moncler summer. With complete freedom to explore, each photographer shares a crossover between their own communities and signature Moncler clothing codes, from lightweight down jackets and vests, to hats and Moncler Lunettes from the latest collection - selecting authentic style choices for their friends or circle of collaborators, fit for warm days or long nights in their world.

Gray's summer of platonic love focuses on best friends enjoying euphoric freedom on a wild night in New York City. High-energy images highlight laughter, connection and physical contact, and Moncler garments become the perfect uniform for nights with endless possibilities.


What does summer mean to you?

When the sun kisses us on our faces. My family and my friends surrounding each other. Love bouncing between us all. Our surroundings are fresh and full. Mother Earth is flourishing and we are smiling.

Of all the possible subjects, which ones do you love to photograph the most?

I love photographing my friends and family. Documenting my surroundings as time passes by, or as time never passes.

What is your first memory related to love?

My mom and my dad, my brother, my family.