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Tales 2.3.23


TECHUNTER magazine was founded in September 2015 by an eponymous community of clothing enthusiasts that met on social media to discuss their interests, from the technology of sportswear textiles and their manufacture to the type of materials that were used to make them. The magazine was born out of a sense of urgency to make up for the significant lack of information on techwear, and has been disseminating information on the subject to a community of fans for over seven years. To celebrate the launch of the new Trailgrip Lite, we caught up with the personalities behind Techunter to learn more about the materials and technologies that make the iconic model a real stand out in the sneaker scene.

What are your favorite features of the new Trailgrip Lite?


Alexander Zabelin [TECHUNTER, CEO & Editor-in-Chief]: They're light! In addition to the updated design, the main feature of the new model is that it is 23% lighter than its predecessor, due to new materials and reduced volume. The upper is made of translucent nylon ripstop, which hides breathable "gills" on the side cuff, making it more comfortable to wear in summer. The updated Vibram Megagrip outsole design has a bigger window for the updated carbon fiber inner plate, reduced by half an inch and softened in shape. The Megagrip outsole is designed to provide superior traction on dry and wet terrain while maintaining an excellent level of durability during active sports, as well as during hiking and travels. Moreover, the model has a set of OrthoLite compression insoles that, unlike traditional insoles, decrease less than 5% over time, so the cushioning and fit inside the shoe never change, providing maximum comfort every time you put the shoe on. Evolution is unstoppable – and we dig it!


Is there a perfect formula for creating a shoe that combines both technical and lifestyle components?


Alexander Richardson [TECHUNTER, CMO]: There are plenty of perfect formulas, maybe more now than ever before. Fit over function over form will always prevail and deep research into the consumer’s multifaceted use case scenario will always inform a lot of great design. 

How does wearing the Trailgrip Lite differ from wearing the Trailgrip?


Ivan Dzhatiev [TECHUNTER, Creative Director]: I have been wearing the OG Trailgrip since the launch in Milan and field-testing them in every possible condition I could find myself in. The cushioning and the sturdiness of the outsole make my feet placement level out while gripping with the outer spikes, providing a nice confident feeling, and that is not even talking about how good they look in pure white.


Being a summer version, the new Lite variant is about 100 grams lighter, and it shows, or rather feels during its usage. The shape is also slimmer and grips your feet tighter on the sides, providing additional stability and giving more of a runner feeling. The same great carbon plate is allowed to perform even more in this new design. The “gills” with a translucent fabric over them give you some unique possibilities to add to the color combinations of an already lovely selection.

Which is your favorite Spring/Summer 2023 Trailgrip colorway?


Ivan Dzhatiev [TECHUNTER, Creative Director]: Pink, a million percent. Yet the whole range of new Trailgrips offers a lot of possibilities for all to find their own style. With this new line, the model really carves out its own niche in the overall sneaker industry, providing a unique “no compromises accepted” approach to the fusion of design and technology.


What unique point of view does Moncler’s Trailgrip add to the already saturated sneaker market?


Alexander Richardson [TECHUNTER, CMO]: The particular niche filled by the Trailgrip series shows that there is plenty of room in the luxury market for extremely functional footwear/apparel and vice versa. This is a protective shoe with a lot of support. It looks amazing and feels even better.