Latest 14.7.23


The Moncler x Salehe Bembury collection represents a shared appreciation of outdoor heritage, bringing a human touch to the world of luxury. Salehe Bembury, renowned sneaker designer, brings his distinct creative language and thumbprint to this groundbreaking partnership, creating not only a ready-to-wear collection but also footwear and accessories that push the boundaries of traditional collaborations. The collection, titled Moncler ēquipements, draws inspiration from an archival mountaineering line by Moncler from the late 1950s. Salehe Bembury, an avid hiker himself, incorporates Moncler's DNA to envision a utilitarian uniform designed for those who embrace the wilderness. The color palette takes cues from nature, with burnt oranges, sunset corals, moss greens, and muted browns reminiscent of the natural hues found on the trail.

Salehe Bembury's designs reflect authenticity and are bolstered by Moncler's technical expertise in the outdoor gear space. The collection introduces functional pieces that invite a diverse community to explore the freedom of nature. Collarless puffer jackets feature practical utility pockets, while GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ parkas are paired with teddy fleeces, leggings, caps, and beanies. The Moncler Genius co-creation ethos is evident in the merging of Bembury's signature 'grain' thumbprint with Moncler's iconic quilting on padded outerwear, vests, and lighter layers. Footwear takes center stage in this collaboration, with the Trailgrip sneaker, Moncler's signature design, reimagined for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Salehe Bembury's Trailgrip ‘Grain’ resonates with its unique 'grain' thumbprint quilting, featuring organic green, orange, and pastel taupe hues that add vibrancy.

The campaign, shot by Hala Matar and photographed by Lauren Kim, captures a group of hikers communing with the elements on a picturesque forest trail in California. Raindrops, wind, and sun become musical notes, blending harmoniously with the sound of footsteps on green grass, zippers opening and closing, and rain droplets beading on fabrics. 

The Moncler x Salehe Bembury collection will be available in selected Moncler stores and on, starting from July 14th. This collaboration not only showcases the power of co-creation between different creative worlds but also invites individuals to embrace nature and embark on their own outdoor adventures while looking effortlessly stylish in the process.