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Find the perfect Father's Day present.

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Latest 22.9.23


Moncler has once again joined forces with the multitalented Pharrell Williams to co-create a new collection that seamlessly blends city style with affection for the great outdoors. Engineered by the Moncler Genius platform, the collection marks the next chapter in a longstanding friendship that began in 2009. Moncler x Pharrell Williams is designed for those who cherish both adventure and metropolitan life, embodying a harmonious fusion of the two.


At the heart of this collection lies the concept of glamping, taking the essence of family camping and elevating it with refinement, craftsmanship, and expertise. The overall aesthetic draws inspiration from the interplay between natural forms and architectural geometry. Down padding takes on curvilinear expressions on some designs, and pyramid points on others. Pharrell's creative touch is evident throughout, with the vest being a central piece, featuring dimensional diamond quilting.

Versatility is key, with zippers allowing long trousers to transform into shorts, duvet blankets to double as capes, and jackets to convert to utilitarian fisherman's vests. The garments aren't just functional, they make a statement in signature silhouettes. The logo patches are detachable, as well as some of the pockets and keychains, enabling the wearer to personalize the pieces to their liking. The color palette of slate gray, moss green, lichen, and cloud reinforces the theme of uniting town and countryside in a fresh and harmonious way. 


Pharrell Williams' unique talent lies in creating genre-defining work while maintaining a lightness of touch that’s welcoming and fun for all. Paired with Moncler's expertise in outdoor apparel, this collaboration provides technical credentials with an aesthetic that is ready to take on the outdoors and the city alike.  


The Moncler x Pharrell Williams collection will be available in select Moncler boutiques and on from September 22nd, 2023. However, the designs will be made available one day earlier at an exclusive installation at Antonia Via Sant'Andrea 10, Milan, and on on September 21st, 2023.