Moncler & mastermind JAPAN

To celebrate his leaving from the fashion business, Masaaki Homma, founder and creative driving force behind the cult brand mastermind JAPAN, has chosen Moncler.

A devoted follower of traditional Japanese principles, Homma has recreated garments with an urban look. They are all inspired by the quest for natural beauty in every moment of life reasserting his aesthetic credentials, dedicated to absolute quality. The results from the partnership are 17 garments from Moncler’s world with Homma's most representative hallmarks. The nylon, available in glossy and opaque versions, sees application of lettering, pseudo-heraldic coats-of-arms and peace symbols, all defined by the iconic skull of Mastermind JAPAN, which Homma has always used as a synonym of impartiality and fight. The coq, the unmistakable logo which identifies the sophisticated technicality of Moncler, is “blackened” (almost completely) to mark the occasion, creating a dark effect.

The styles from the Moncler & mastermind JAPAN collection are on sale exclusively at Hankyu Department Stores in Osaka, in the Moncler flagship store in Tokyo Aoyama and in the Paris temporary store at 5, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

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