Moncler Grenoble Fall-Winter 2016/17 Show

The Fall-Winter 2016/17 Moncler Grenoble show has been presented at Lincoln Center in New York with a thrilling and many-faceted choreographic performance based on an active sport action dedicated to movement and team spirit. With a message that sets out to showcase the novelties for the coming winter season, the Moncler Grenoble collection, traditionally known for its technical and ski-oriented characteristics, has evolved into three different segments: High Performance, Performance & Style and Aprés Ski.

The purely sporting vocation of Moncler Grenoble combines with a heritage and ultra-contemporary style, creating elegant and highly-performant garments, ideal for leisure on the ski slopes as well as urban environments. Considerable innovations have been introduced in Moncler’s Grenoble Fall-Winter 2016/17 collection as well as a move towards greater lightness, viewed as byword for true luxury. For the women’s collection, waxed jackets, which team different materials together for all-new combinations, have been introduced. The men’s collection is instead inspired by the movie stars of the 1960’s set in the snow, with garments composed by clean silhouettes and elastic fabrics. For the first time, a range of garments for Snowboarding is also being introduced.