Remo Ruffini conceived Moncler Genius as a hub of exceptional minds operating in unison while simultaneously cultivating their singularity. A republic of imagination, Moncler Genius starts operations today with the unveiling of the Moncler Genius Building: the place where such a vision is made tangible through products.

The Moncler Genius Building houses different cells, each one devoted to a singular mind, all of them adding facets to the Moncler identity. Moncler Genius stems from a curatorial approach that keeps product at its center, function at its core and consumer as the addressee. It is a composite creative action based on the performing truthfulness of Moncler’s products. This is what makes it authentic and powerful, giving a brand new energy.
Letting creativity run riot strengthens the uniqueness of Moncler. It allows the product to speak by itself as it takes different shapes according to the vision of each creator. The uniqueness of the creator mirrors the uniqueness of the consumer.

In Moncler Genius each creative speaks a Moncler idiom that will naturally find its audience. Fragmentation is the force and raison d’être. Newness is addictive and energizing, fueled by pure creativity.
Moncler Genius is presented as a whole in the Moncler Genius Building, on February 20th night opening the Milan Fashion Week, but will be released one dot at a time through single monthly projects. By the time the Moncler Genius Building rematerializes in Moncler’s boutiques, they become the venue of the multiplicity embodying the specialty store’s energy. A series of polymorphous pop-up shops will be unveiled as well.
Materialize, dematerialize, re-materialize: the creative path is both a business mode and a communication strategy. An idea becomes a building that ignites monthly editorial and communication actions to finally turn into a shop. Virtual and real, online and offline work in unison. Having product at the core makes the virtual possible because the real comes first.

The minds of Moncler Genius
1 Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli
2 Moncler 1952
3 Moncler Grenoble
4 Moncler Simone Rocha
5 Moncler Craig Green
6 Moncler Noir – Kei Ninomiya
7 Moncler Fragment – Hiroshi Fujiwara
8 Moncler Palm Angels

Creatives, chosen on instinct to shape visions of uniqueness. As a hub of exceptional minds, Moncler Genius strives for invention and innovation that customers will fully use and enjoy under the byline: one house, different voices, speaking of uniqueness to our clients, one by one, with relentless pace and one language. Moncler’s language.