Veronica Leoni is as pragmatic in her approach to design as she is thoughtful. Spontaneity is her medium and soulful precision is her signature.


Sergio Zambon is a multitasker with the ability to adapt to every environment he creatively inhabits. Sergio has worked over the years for a variety of houses and brands, proving his skills as designer and communicator. His point of view and sense of harmony contribute to a holistic approach, one that is always at the service of the client.

Veronica Leoni
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She came to the world of fashion through a literary degree accomplished in her native Rome.

She credits her aesthetic imprinting, however, to the visual and subcultural richness of the city of London: a place that has been integral to the shaping of her taste and vision alongside her experience with key luxury brands. She brings her crystalline vision to 2 Moncler 1952 womenswear.




Diamond quilting is the distinctive trait of the Chamoix, a men’s jacket from the 2 Moncler 1952 line, collection n°2 of the Moncler Genius project. Outerwear designed to go discreetly with dressy outfits, but with a creative touch, enriched with unique details that deliver a decisively original look.


The Mez, a women’s jacket from the 2 Moncler 1952 line, collection n°2 of the Moncler Genius project, is designed to highlight the silhouette. This reversible style, crafted in wool-blend technical fabric on one side and down filled nylon léger with boudin quilting on the other, emphasizes the waistline by exaggerating its shape with a design reminiscent of haute couture from the Fifties, but updated with a contemporary flavor.


The Mare, a men’s jacket from the 2 Moncler 1952 line, collection n°2 of the Moncler Genius project, is the perfect fusion between the brand’s tradition – represented by the year it was founded, 1952 – and the artistic flair of contemporary artist Rostarr. The result is a mix of the Moncler logo, classic elements and the artist’s stylized skull motif in a unique print that entirely covers this piece made in nylon laqué with contrast details.


With the Dado, from the 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra line, collection n°2 of the Moncler Genius project, the leather bag is completely updated without overdoing it. A small revolution, discreet and soft, that makes the most of Moncler’s DNA and its countless material combinations to create a leather and nylon laqué hybrid accessory to overcome the gray of winter.


Collegiate inspiration is delivered in this men’s sweatshirt hoodie from the 2 Moncler 1952 line, collection n°2 of the Moncler Genius project. Crafted in technical shearling fleece and enriched with “Freak” and “Fan & Fun” writing, this style delivers a contemporary message with an alluring vintage reference.


This cycling-inspired women’s sweater from the 2 Moncler 1952 line, collection n°2 of the Moncler Genius project, is characterized by a mix of materials. Special vanisé ribbing with a velvety texture mixes with the brand’s DNA to create an original combination of sophistication and high-tech details.


“MONCLER Genius stands for an eclectic, transversal, fluid way of doing fashion; the ultimate goal is being unique while in full consonance with the multifaceted touch of its philosophy. The quality of design, a spirited style as well as the authenticity and technical expertise are unquestionably part of the formula in the creative dialogue with Mr Ruffini.”


Sergio Zambon
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Fluidity and adaptability are qualities Sergio Zambon has nurtured since childhood, being raised in a wandering, multicultural environment.

Born in Egypt to an Italian father and a Croatian mother, he settled in Rome, where he completed fashion studies at Istituto Europeo di Design. He has worked for well-known luxury brands while nurturing a niche project in the form of his namesake womenswear label. Sergio Zambon has been responsible for menswear at 2 Moncler 1952 since the inception of the project and was formerly a designer for the Moncler men’s collection.

“Since the first season my approach has been to rework the heritage of Moncler related to youth culture and its realness. Realness of an icon translated and evolved through the support of youth mixed with my passion for contemporary art, music, travels. 2 MONCLER 1952 this season has a very contemporary laidback vibe for people who enjoy nature close to big cities. Cool climbers of XXI century with a perceptive behaviour."


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