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Latest 28.9.21

Last Saturday, Moncler Genius presented its new collection with MONDOGENIUS: an immersive digital experience that, for the first time, connected the whole world in a single event, moving through five different cities scattered throughout Europe, Asia and America to share the vision of the 11 designers who created this year's Genius collections. Guided by Alicia Keys from Milan, Moncler's worldwide audience was able to make a journey halfway between the physical and the digital words, through the inspirations and aesthetics behind each of the collaborations – exploring them through art and a series of multidisciplinary performances. 

The journey of MONDOGENIUS began in Milan, where Alicia Keys – live from the Castello Sforzesco and in connection with Victoria Song in Shanghai – welcomed the audience and guided them on the journey. The short film for the 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection begins inside the Cineclub Il Cinemino, where a film made by the designer together with Luca Guadagnino flows on the screen: the story of a teacher who rediscovers her love for art after meeting a mysterious stranger.

It was then the turn of 2 Moncler 1952 Man Creative Director Sergio Zambon, who guided the audience through an exhibition inside the Central Station, followed by a charity auction on Artsy – and in the same location Craig Green showed a series of sculptural and extreme architectural structures reminiscent of machines designed to fly. Finally, at Spazio Maiocchi, Francesco Ragazzi of Palm Angels reconstructed the aesthetics of a vintage store in the Santa Fe desert with the installation The Dune, alternating real vintage garments with the pieces of his collection.

The scene then moved to Shanghai, where Victoria Song first presented the 3 Moncler Grenoble collection through a spectacular skydiving show over three wind tunnels before directing the audience to a series of screens connected by luminous cables on which the images of the 7 Moncler FRGMT HIROSHI FUJIWARA collection worn in different cities around the world flowed. Dingyun Zhang entrusted the presentation of his collection to the actress Guan Xiaotong, transforming Tank 5 into a dramatic and theatrical mountainous atmosphere.

Remaining in Asia, the show then moved first to Tokyo, where actors Sota Fukushi and Anne presented the parade of 4 Moncler Hyke at the Telecom Center Building against the backdrop of a huge dome of snow; and then in Seoul, in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where Lee Sungkyung and Hwang Minhyun presented the Moncler + Gentle Monster collection, with its sleeping bags, duvets, glasses and total black accessories.

Finally, after crossing the Pacific Ocean, viewers arrived in New York where artist Teezo Touchdown and visual artist Solange presented, through their music, the collections by Matthew Williams and Veronica Leoni, respectively. The presentation of the 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM followed Teezo through a taxi ride, up a flight of stairs to an apartment that was the center of an open musical performance that put the garments in dialogue with the universe that surrounds them.

The 2 Moncler 1952 Woman collection, was represented through a short film by director Khalik Allah, which presented a powerful performance of Rest Your by Solange, exploring the beauty of feminine contrasts, combining retro style and contemporary dynamism in an intense and passionate performance.