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Tales 23.9.21
The Future Academy: THE FACE in partnership with Moncler

The iconic magazine THE FACE in collaboration with Moncler presented Future Academy, a program that provided paid opportunities and open resources for young people who want to get into the creative industries. The Future Academy Class of 2021 consisted of a group of 52 creatives from around the UK with access to free online learning resources and virtual mentorship from THE FACE and its network of creatives. Among the successful creators, two - Sulay and Cassandra - collaborated directly with Moncler on a special project. 

The two creators shared the highlights of this experience with Moncler Now

What was your favorite part of working with Moncler and THE FACE?

The friendly and collaborative working environment. The team was super keen to help, impart knowledge and set industry standard level live tasks for us. We had opportunities to work on projects and produce outcomes that we can now show in our portfolios. Another aspect we loved was that we were so immersed within the team. We got to sit in on multiple projects and learn how to manage relationships, solve problems and how to push back creatively. We also enjoyed having someone at the same level embark on this traineeship at the same time. It was great as we both have different skill sets, so we were able to learn from each other and help each other grow. The commission was another highlight of the placement, working as creative leads we responded to a brief set by Moncler to produce a fashion story around the idea of performance.


Cassandra enjoyed the ideation phase and produced several concepts for the brief. Sulay most enjoyed working on set, interacting with the talent and cast, as well as working with the photographer to make sure the vision that we had was realised.

How did the mentorship program help you to shape your career path?

We loved the fact that we had two very senior mentors that checked in with us regularly to talk about our disciplines, career goals and next steps. It was great that they came from two different professional backgrounds as we got to benefit from their different outlooks and opinions. They gave us lots of resources, references and books to help us on our way. It was also great that they were so invested in our career development and are still helping us now seekout new opportunities. 


What type of aesthetic did you envision for your Moncler editorial?

We wanted to depict the visual representation of ‘the zone’, a place that your mind escapes to when you perform and also when you watch a performance. We believe that artists and performers have the ability to take you to another world when they perform. We wanted to highlight this relationship between the performer and audience in an ethereal, colorful and playful way.


What were the main challenges in your journey and how did you overcome them?

A great learning from working on this project was compromise, as we had to manage creative differences to move forward from any roadblocks. Working to deadlines in such a busy environment was challenging too.There were many projects happening at the same time, so communicating what we needed succinctly was key. Overall, we didn't face too many challenges, thanks to the support of the teams.