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Latest 24.6.22

A summer of lightness

After living sheltered in our warm cocoon all winter, we enter summer with the desire to explore, to experiment, to live. Moncler presents its very personal vision of summer: a time to experience freedom through lightness and under the banner of color. The color trends for summer 2022 are brighter and more vibrant than ever: from the catwalks to the red carpets, from Instagram to TikTok. Moncler has given its own very personal take on the trend by offering an alternative, intense but subdued palette, shading colors from white to baby blue, with a touch of deep red and green, but without overdoing it. 

From bucket hats to jaunty tennis skirts, from practical fanny packs to breathable jackets and print t-shirts, Moncler's summer collection is all about comfort. High-performance materials and modern silhouettes, equally suitable for the outdoors and the metropolis, convey a contemporary look with sandals paired with high socks or sportswear-inspired sunglasses. But at the same time characterised by an intrinsic elegance that combines style and practicality, as in the case of white buckle and logo skirts and jaunty bomber jackets. For men, the color palette is also tinged with black, with casual trousers with soft lines and trainers to face summer without renouncing dynamism. 

Summer according to Moncler is all about lightness, from the innocence of white to the lightheartedness of sky blue, in atmospheres that convey gracefulness and a sense of blissful suspension. Timeless silhouettes in muted tones will allow you to dabble in new prints and colors without feeling like you're overdoing it, between monochrome looks, breathable materials to combat prohibitive temperatures and touches of pastel colours to liven up the palette. Whatever your solution for incorporating color, it could be ideal not only for your outfit, but also for your mood.