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Tales 26.8.21

A Night at The Museum

“Over the past decade, there has been a growing awareness of architectural and spatial design in the functioning of museums and the creation of distinctive visitor experiences.”

Rethinking Museum Space: Interaction Between Spatial Layout Design and Digital Sensory Environments

The storyline of this project seeks to create a visual of the aforementioned conversation by decontextualising the traditional spatial design and occupation of the museum as an artistic space. 

In collaboration with a group of 21 women, we have forged a narrative that aims to visually explore this storyline which speaks to the concept of breaking down and restructuring traditional perceptions of art presentation as well as the spatial designs and formats of artistic spaces. This was achieved through variations of sensory compositions created through the set design and movement direction which was captured in still images as well as video. 

The space and set design is at the crux of the telling of this story as the shoot takes place between two rooms at the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan. An assortment of chairs and couches are used as the main storytelling aids or props. 

Through these mediums of movement, music, and clothing, the women embark on a journey of self discovery and liberation as they find themselves assimilating, and gradually becoming a part of a space constructed by them, for them, in which they wholeheartedly identify with. 

Creative Director: Jordan Anderson

Creative Director Assistant: Banji Chona

Art Director: Vincenzo Schioppa

Photographer: Amber Pinkerton

1st Assistant: Scott Jordan Gallagher

2nd Assistant: Mattia Pastore

3rd Assistant: Andrea Corbani

Digital Operator: Marco Gehlhar

Director: Byron Rosero

DOP: Enrico Valoti

AC: Tommaso Fazzi

1st Stage Technician: Francesco Eccli

2nd Stage Technician: Valentina Todeschi

1st Electrician: Alessandro Tempestini

2nd Electrician: Loris Chiomento

Editor: Davide Curto

Sound technician: Stefano Tumiati

Stylist: Thais Montessori Brandao

Stylist Assistants: Federica Arcadio - Monica Davoli

Set Design: Laura Tocchet

Set Design Assistants: Luca Franchi - Nicolò Rossi

Choreographer: Nicolas Coutsier

Violinist: Sarah Martin

Hair Stylist: Cynthia Cycy

Hair Stylist Assistants: Gabriella Afuye, Diop Fatima, Livia Primofiore

MUA: Manuel Montanari

MUA Assistants: Milena Frau, Valeria Brenna, Greta Ceccotti, Jasmijn Buijs

Manicurist: Giulia Zacconi - Iassamara Nunes da Silva Macedo

Models: Marie Alphonsine Azian - Merrebel Ackah Gifty - Nazareth Yemane - Aicha Thioub - Talita Bruzzi - Malana Jorge - Fatima Gueye - Giulia Maria Bardini - Celine O. Onwubiko - Lajla Serafim - Patricia - Queen Enoguata - Sasha Payton - Anta - Caroline Gugliuzzo - Mavis - Silvia Omo - Nadege - Cristiana Pigazzi - Corinne K. Tshilombo - Theresa Itodo

Location: Palazzo Serbelloni

Production: nss factory