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Tales 14.1.24

Madrid, A Love Affair 

Moncler Collection in conversation with Joaquín Furriel 

In a captivating conversation with renowned actor Joaquín Furriel, we delve into his enchanting perspective on Madrid, his upcoming spring adventures, and his distinctive fashion philosophy. Joaquín, the face of Moncler Collection Spring/Summer 2024, shares his insights on the city's vibrant culture, his passion for comfort and quality in fashion, and the remarkable collaborative campaign that brought the collection to life.

What does Moncler mean to you?

I’m a huge fan of skiing. For me, it is like active meditation. And to be honest, Moncler has always been that brand that manages to combine technology with high style. This was my authentic connection with the brand.

Now, since being part of this project, I’m beyond in love with this collection, it’s an instant classic for your daily city looks. I feel I can wear this collection every day, beyond the campaign itself, during my daily activities and normal life. 

What do you love about Madrid?

I love what Madrid is and what it stands for. It is easy to navigate on foot, and its cultural influence is fascinating, full of people from all over Spain and all around the globe, which makes Madrid an extremely friendly city that’s full of life all year around.

What are you looking forward to this spring season?


This spring I’m really looking forward to discovering the outskirts of Madrid and finding the time to visit other cities around Europe, having the time to enjoy the very particular energy we can all feel during this particular time of the year.

What is your biggest consideration when choosing a look?

Regarding my style, I’m someone who has very clear requirements…it’s all about being comfortable and finding products with great quality. That is what truly matters to me. Comfort means clothing that allows you to be who you are all day, every day. Then, I truly love when people find ways to innovate regarding fabrics or methods of making…because part of being comfortable is finding lightness and lightweight products. I really like that as well.

Which pieces from the collection would you pack for your next trip?

I’m so in love with the new Moncler SS24 Men’s Collection. The jackets, in a mix of materials, are incredible. Just as I like, in terms of incredible quality mixed with something smart but extremely comfortable. The shirts have the same incredible quality. Extremely light and agile.

You’re often on set for film and TV, how was the fashion shoot experience?

I was lucky enough to work with stylist Robert Rabensteiner on this shoot, someone that I’ve always admired, and from there the mood of the whole production was very special. True teamwork all around. Boo George, who I think is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with, made the whole production very special, same for the whole team involved. Everyone was so focused, friendly and clear about what they wanted, and that makes everything easy for everyone involved. I really enjoyed it.