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Latest 24.1.24

Moncler x Roc Nation designed by JAY-Z: Genius is Everywhere

Creative polymath and entertainment industry titan JAY-Z has built an empire that touches multiple industries and global audiences. Moncler, born as a pioneer in protective mountain outerwear, has nurtured a Genius platform for co-creation that’s evolved beyond the realm of fashion, venturing into art, design, entertainment, music, sport and culture. Moncler x Roc Nation designed by JAY-Z symbolizes creativity without limits, pooling experience and ambition from shared yet vastly varied points of interest, for a collection and manifesto that epitomizes the sentiment that genius is everywhere. 

The partnership was unveiled at The Art of Genius immersive event during London Fashion Week in February 2023, where JAY-Z and Roc Nation showcased 'The Art of All.' In this epic yet deeply personal presentation, the spotlight shifted from the artist to the diverse creative community, as state-of-the-art sound pods enabled thousands to contribute their vocals, crafting an emotion-centered musical piece – The Art of All.

Championing the idea that genius is everywhere, and the theme of inspiring people to use their voice, Moncler and JAY-Z narrate the collection’s powerful story through a film manifesto, featuring music from The Book of Clarence movie (produced by JAY-Z) and narrated by artist, SAINt Jhn. 

The film, directed by video artists Páraic and Kevin McGloughlin, visually connects the ascent of the mountain with the urban climb of everyday genius, juxtaposing breathtaking outdoor imagery with striking photography of JAY-Z and Roc Nation’s NYC. Sheer mountain rock faces merge with downtown high-rises, ice tunnels with subway escalators, mountain ranges with jagged skylines, collaged with shots from Brooklyn where JAY-Z grew up and Roc Nation’s Manhattan headquarters – conveying the campaign’s message that genius is everywhere.

Launching on January 24, 2024, Moncler x Roc Nation designed by JAY-Z is a masterful blend of iconic shapes and a reserved palette of white, khaki, black, and vibrant orange. Recognizable Moncler forms are reimagined with a New York City swagger, resulting in pieces that effortlessly exude casual luxury, like leather bomber jackets, shakets, oversized hoodies, and track pants. With reversible styles, intricate details like hand-embroidered logos, and crystal-embellished graphics, the collection epitomizes the fusion of fashion, music, and storytelling. From the mountains to the city, the Moncler x Roc Nation collaboration declares that genius is everywhere, waiting to be expressed and celebrated.